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Our Mentors

Paul Dunn - Born and grew up in Dover, then in London. In 1974 he wrote some innovative software that become the basis for one of Australian early echnological successes. In 1980 hewas the marketing genius behind the company growing globally to a $23 Million enterprise.He also formed Results Accounting's Systems.


Tim Wade - Corporate leadership in Asia and Australia. Won multiple industry awards including UOB in Singapore and China Light & Power in Hong Kong He was a speakerfor leadership at International Convention. His client include SingTel, HSBC, CNP Law and American Express, Diageo, Proctor & Gamble, Hong Leong Assurance, banks in Saudi Arabia to Brunei, SMEs, MNCs across Asia and many more.

Masami Sato-Founder of the global giving initiative Buy1Give1. She help business give back in meaningful way. Since 2007, she worked with more than 1,400 business from all industries creating 75+ million giving impacts.

Donnie Seet -Study at SMU he has trained more than 1,200 educators and key personnel from MOE HQ. He was a speaker invited by school and corporate to speak on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ken Koh - The director of YEA International and serves on the mentoring committee of Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE). He is a speaker for more than 50 corporations and 100 schools. He was awarded the 2009 Global TIC Award and norminated for 2008 Global Young Entreprenurs Award.

Abang Abu -The founder and CEO of Now Asia. He is also a qualified toastmaster. He is a speaker, trainer, author and coach in numerous business as well as community - based events and has been featured regularly in the local media. In 2005 he was award as a winner for his outstanding entrepreneurial by Spirit of Entreprise (SOE). He is also selected as ASEAN Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in 2011 in Hanoi. He is also know as the MEKANIK$ who doing WANG POWER program in Malaysia with Asia No 1 Success Coach with Dr Azizan Osman and many other prominent names like Dr Ifran Khairi.

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