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KESUMA Entrepreneurs Mentoring Programme (KEMP)

Kesuma (Association of Malay Entrepreneurs) is proud to bring you a prgramme that will not only help your school receive funding of

​        • up to $10,000 for mainstream school (Primary/Secondary/JCs)
        • and up to $50,000 for IHL (iTEs/Polytechnics/Universities)

but will also enrich your students to be social entrepreneurs.

KESUMA Entrepreneurs Mentoring Programme (KEMP) for Schools is designed for you to meet the requirements of the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Programme (YSEP) for Schools Fund.

Schools will receive the following: 

  1. FREE Kesuma service to applyfor YSEP fund
       a.  We will assist you from the beginning of the journey, all the way until after you have received your fund.
       b.  School will only reimburse us the payment upon receiving YSEP fund.

  2. School will enjoy 10% discount on subsequent Kesuma events, subject to terms and conditions.

  3. FREE softcopy:10 best Photogrphs of students during the programme

  4. 50% discount: Video of progrmme journey.

Students will receive the following:


  1. Knowledge in social entrepreneurship and business components valued at over $3000 per person.

  2. Entrepreneurship experience of a lifetime.

  3. A fun and memorable journey towards success

  4. FREE Kesuma Membership for all students
       a.  Eligible to apply for educational bursaries, financial assistance.  Subject to terms and conditions.
       b.  FREE admission to in-house events

  5. Certificate of Participation

At the end of the day, we hope to see graduates of this course to continue their journey towards being successful entrepreneurs.  After all, age is not a boundary for business success.

Are you a school or an institution interested in our KEMP Programme? 

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