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Kesuma Entrepreneurs' Mentoring Programme

At Kesuma, we believe in instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst Singaporeans. We provide Mentoring Programmes and Courses for YOU to develop your entrepreneurship skills.

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We provide courses to encourage entrepreneurship from the start to launch of your business. We will guide you towards the path to a successful launch of your business. Sometimes, all you need is someone to teach you beyond what books can offer.


Coached by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, this course will be just what you need to start a business. 

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In this 21st Century, your online presence is growing more important for your business. Bring your business online through social media and proper management of correspondence online.

Coached by a team of experienced and avid user of online communication platforms, these courses will fit your bill towards global expansion.

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At the stage where your business have been running for a while, you will soon realise that you may encounter some problems. The problems most businesses encounter after the launch is financial, service and product management

Our courses are catered to meet your needs. Coached by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to coach you to manage your business to success.

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Beyond sales and marketing, visual elements for your business is the most important aspect for businesses. Customers will always be attracted to good images, or attractive videography, more so than before. This 21st Century is the period where customers become more visual than before, placing aesthetics at the top list before purchasing.

Learn how to develop these creative elements for business here.

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