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To register for any of our courses, please click the "Buy Now" button at the description. Alternatively, you may contact us at

+65 6745 3050 or e-mail us to reserve a seat for our classes. 

Prices are before membership discount of 20%

More Entrepreneurship courses

Entrepreneurs Mentoring Programme


Have a business idea and ready to start your business? Before you do that, be sure to know what are the things to need to know about entrepreneurship. This course is conducted by Mr. Ibrahim Ariff, President of KESUMA. He has more than two decades worth of entrepreneurship experience. 

Learning Outcomes:

• Know the methods to be a successful entrepreneur

• Able to be an independent entrepreneur

• Be able to lead a team of players in your entity.

Duration: Every tuesday and saturday from 11am-2pm x 2 weeks

Location: Kesuma Mini Classroom


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