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Courses | Entrepreneurship

We provide courses to encourage entrepreneurship from the start to launch of your business. We will guide you towards the path to a successful launch of your business. Sometimes, all you need is someone to teach you beyond what books can offer.​ Coached by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, this course will be just what you need to start a business.

Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programme - Basic Level


Do you have a business idea in mind? Keen on becoming a successful entrepreneur? This 2-hour crash course will do just that, equipping you with the right skills set to be a successful entrepreneur.

This course will cover:

• A to Z skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur

• The Entrepreneur's Etiquette

• Promotion & publicity through mass & social media

• Smart and strategic business planning

• Understanding your competitors

• Creating your brand

• Setting up your business: Knowing what to register as

Duration: 1 session x 2 hours

Location: Kesuma Mini Classroom


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Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programme - Intensive Level

Have a business idea and ready to start your business? Before you do that, be sure to know what are the things to need to know about entrepreneurship. This course is conducted by Mr. Ibrahim Ariff, President of KESUMA. He has more than two decades worth of entrepreneurship experience.

Learning Outcomes:
• Know the methods to be a successful entrepreneur
• Able to be an independent entrepreneur
• Be able to lead a team of players in your entity.

Duration: 1 hour x 10 weeks OR 2 hours x 5 weeks
Location: Kesuma Mini Classroom​



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